Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ok whatever I know that some people are all, "she sucks at rapping" (she kind of does) and, "she's capitalizing on hip hop (predominantly black) culture and using concepts of black masculinity to make money and it's more acceptable (ie white people feel more comfortable with it) and/or novel for a young white girl to rap" or whatever but I fucking love her. She raps about her cat beating up your cat for fuck's sake. That shit is fucking funny. And she's hot. And "Gucci Gucci," if you want to dissect what she means for society at large, could absolutely be interpreted as anti-designer/following trends. She's made mention of her hope that girls strike out and find their own style and be their own woman, rather than just buying that new louis bag or whatever just cause someone famous did. (Granted, she's going to start her own trends and have hella copycats but so does every celebrity and this isn't something we can attribute solely to Kreayshawn or fault her for).

Sometimes being a concerned feminist is just so goddamned humorless and I just want to dance to a beat and have a good time and not fret about how everything is totally fucked (it is).

Kreayshawn's got the cuts for summer 2011. Her and Robyn.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"...It was like having acid thrown in my face every time I passed the city limits. Not just the industrial farming but the sprawl, the sprawl, the sprawl. Low-density development is the worst. And SUV's everywhere, snowmobiles everywhere, Jet Skis everywhere, ATV's everywhere, two-acre lawns everywhere. The goddamned green monospecific chemical-drenched lawns." - Jonathan Franzen, Freedom