Monday, August 30, 2010


I dreamt of a large decrepit mansion. I have dreamt of this house a few times before. It has at least six staircases and a haunted basement. Actually, the whole house is haunted. And it's huge, with mazes of rooms leading to more rooms and back again onto themselves. Last night everything was cream colored.

In this most recent dream, I was hosting a big party in the garden. There was a really intricate man-made lagoon/pool/spa. I went into a side door I'd never seen before to get something for the party and discovered a tiny winding staircase which narrowed as it moved upward that led to a tiny side door which opened onto the second or third floor. Everything was painted cream and there was a single yellowish bulb hanging from the ceiling. 

There was a small cubby to my left which I opened to discover full of children's clothes and toiletries. This house had been owned by the Pritchett family before me and these were their things. Toothbrushes still in their holder, tiny denim skirts, little boys' t shirts. I turned away and there was a door to the right of the hall door. I opened it and it was a closet whose floor was far below my feet. Somehow the closet was not connected to the stairs. I reached in and, holding on to the closet bar with one hand, rummaged through the Pritchett's abandoned belongings with my other. Vacation souvenirs, toys, arts and crafts projects, more clothing.  The Pritchetts had seven children, whose names all started with J. I don't know what happened to them.

I knew I shouldn't be looking through their things, even though the house was mine. I knew the house would be angry, or whatever haunts the house. I quickly shut the closet door and went to one of the kitchens. Millions of spiders, ants, centipedes, cockroaches and other insects were spilling in from underneath the baseboards. The floor was undulating with them. I grabbed a can of insect killer and began to spray. I wasn't scared. The can ran out. I woke up.

The sky in the bloodstream that carries your love

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